Decal Application Instructions

Instructions for applying a vinyl decal can be found below. If you need additional assistance, videos can also be found on YouTube.

Clean: Clean the surface you are applying the decal to with a mild cleanser. Allow to dry.

Rub: Use a credit card or scraper to rub the decal on the white backing paper.

Peel: Carefully, peel the backing paper (white) from the clear tape. If the letters are not sticking to the tape, replace tape and rub again. The lettering should now be on the clear transfer tape.

Apply: Place the decal on your window or surface. Use your card again and rub and smooth the decal onto the window.

Remove: Now remove the clear tape from your surface by peeling it off starting in the corner. You should peel almost horizontal to your surface. IF your letters are not sticking to your surface, lay the tape back down and rub again with your finger or a scraper.