Hey, y'all! I'm Ashley Brown!


I live in Winston Salem, NC with my husband, Matt and our puppy child, Tucker. Matt and I got married in 2013 in our hometown of Winston Salem, NC at the church where we went to preschool together. While wedding planning is stressful for a lot of people, I absolutely loved it and designed everything for our wedding. You can read more about it and see pictures in this blog post.

I went to college at Peace College in Raleigh, NC where I majored in Graphic Design. After college, I worked at an ad agency as an account coordinator and designer. Following this, I worked for a wedding company. It was here that I really discovered my love of stationery and paper and all the details that bring the event together. With a desire to spend more time designing and the need for another creative outlet, Brown Paper Crafts was born. In February of 2016, this side hustle became my full time job!

I love being able to design pieces for people that are part of such special moments in their lives. From birthday parties to bridal and baby showers, designing invitations and decorations for these events is my favorite part of my job. Combine that with the amazing creative community I’ve become part of (shoutout to Society for Creative Founders!) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! If you’re in the middle of planning an event or have a special design project or gift in mind, I’d love to chat. You can always reach out to me here! I have a few custom projects featured on my blog but many more I can share with you!

With the flexibility of both being self employed, Matt and I travel a bit….ok, A LOT. Want to know where we’ve been? See the map below for U.S. States and a list for other countries! I save all of our itineraries from each trip so if you’ve got a question about things to do in these places, let me know - I’d love to share. Want to know HOW we travel so much? Read Matt's articles here.


If you’re a skimmer or want to know the more interesting things about me, here you go!

  • I have a degree in graphic design and have very strong opinions about certain fonts
  • My husband, Matt, and I are both self employed and we travel... a lot
  • My favorite Island to visit is Turks and Caicos - We’ve been 3 times!
  • Matt and I went to preschool and high school together but didn’t start dating until the end of college
  • I'm left handed
  • Our puppy child is an english golden retriever… not a Great Pyrenees ;)
  • I broke my collarbone when I was 20 walking my parent's puppy
  • My favorite season is FALL
  • I hate coffee…bring on all the hot tea
  • I’m a firm believer that champagne is not just for special occasions and you can pop a bottle to celebrate any day of the week!