A Look Back on our 6th Anniversary

It's hard to believe that today is our 6th Anniversary! It's a day that holds so many great memories for us. As I looked back at some of our wedding photos, I thought it would be fun to also take a look back at all the little details of the wedding weekend. If planning a wedding isn't enough, I decided I would also design every single part of the wedding. People thought I was crazy (Spoiler Alert: I was) but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So let's dive in and take a look at the wedding weekend. Get ready for lots of pics (back when the Valencia filter on Insta was a thing) and a pretty fun 1st dance video!

Our wedding weekend kicked off Thursday night with a party at Matt's parents house with music by Evan & Dana and lots of great food and fun.

The guys spent Friday morning on the golf course while the girls enjoyed a luncheon at Diamondback. After rehearsing, we headed to Bridger Field House at Wake Forest University for our Rehearsal Dinner. We enjoyed time with family and friends with the football field as the backdrop for the evening.

With Matt being a golf lover, I thought it was appropriate to have a golf theme cake. Bonus that it was July 19th so it could be the 19th green. Then I used a golf ball from one of his favorite places to play golf - Kiawah Island.

I designed our Rehearsal Dinner invitations to coordinate with all of the other pieces for the weekend and loved the cohesive look of everything. 

Now let's jump back to the wedding invitations real quick! Being a designer, I had a few non-negotiables. The invitations would be letterpress on thick paper, I would design them and they would be addressed in calligraphy. After that photography and flowers were at the top of the list! Shout out to Lindsey Lee and Amy Lynne Originals for knocking these categories out of the park!

I partnered with Dick & Jane Letterpress for the printing and Calligraphy by Carole for the envelope addressing and was so glad I did! They turned out just as I wanted them to! I loved the ribbon and tag to tie the suite together instead of a paper belly band.


The Wedding Day began with breakfast, mimosas and girl time at the salon for hair and makeup. With a later wedding time, the morning felt relaxed and not too rushed.

Looking back at photos, I'm still in love with my bridal bouquet by Amy Lynne Originals.

The colors of the flowers tied in so well to the rest of the design elements of the wedding that I designed. With a required format for the program by the church, I took the wording and illustration of the church and made it match the colors and fonts of all the other wedding pieces.

We got married at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Winston Salem, NC. which is actually the same place my parents tied the knot about 30 years earlier! Also, Matt and I went to the church's preschool together!

Here's a few shots from the ceremony before we get to the party and all the decor!

After the ceremony, we took a few pics and then headed over to Forsyth Country Club for our reception. It was a very hot day so it was a quick outdoor photo session when we got there!

Shout out to our amazing wedding party for being part of our day and having so much fun with us! Even if it did seem impossible to get a serious picture of this bunch :)

I love that our Dad's jumped in on the funny face photos too!

If you ask Matt, he will tell you that if it could be designed, I did it. Here's some snapshots of the reception (and that Valencia filter, of course!)

My favorite little design element to the koozies was they said "Cheers!" on the bottom so you would see it when someone took a sip of their drink!

Might as well add some pics of the bride and groom to the bathroom doors and a little pep talk to the mirror!

We wanted to let the guests know a little bit more about our wedding party and how they knew us! This sign did just that. I asked the bridesmaids if they would help me pop the question with a ring pop in a box. Then asked them to send me a selfie wearing the ring. These pics were used for this! Matt asked the groomsmen with costume bow ties and they did the same thing with a pic wearing it!

We wanted to make sure each guest knew how important it was that they were able to be part of our special day so we had one of these thank you cards at each seat.

A better look at the thank you card...

I had so much fun making these votive candle holders to go on the reception tables. I worked on them with some of Matt's cousins during their annual family beach trip a few weeks before the wedding. To make these, we just brushed the inside of the glass with Modpodge, sprinkled glitter on it and waited for them to dry. I think we made almost 100 of these!

Since Instagram was still pretty new we were on top of things with the wedding hashtag and letting people know. Matt being the tech guy he is, collected all photos that used the wedding hashtag and compiled them into a slideshow for our brunch the next morning.

We also had MadLibs and Date ideas for our guests to fill out for us. They were so fun to read after the wedding!


 Our wedding cake was made by Ketchie Creek Bakery and our florist, Amy, did the flowers on it.

When it was time for our first dance, nobody knew what we had up our sleeves! We had worked with our DJ to create a mashup of a few songs. It would start out like a normal slow dance and then we'd surprise everyone with a choreographed dance. I had the idea to do this and Matt went with it! We hired an awesome choreographer, took 3 classes and had the 6 minutes dance down. You can watch it on YouTube by clicking the image below!

The dance started out normal...

Everyone thought it was coming to an end...

Then it took a turn...

Watch the video below!


After that, the party really got started and everyone was dancing the night away!

There was leapfrog...

...Matt's cousins brought out their famous Tie Limbo...

Then, the night ended with a sparkler farewell and a golf cart exit!

The weekend ended with a brunch Sunday morning before our out of town guests headed out! I can't find the pic, but it matched the weekend, of course! :)

While it was a lot to take on, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I loved every minute of the design process and creating all the fun decor!

Thanks for coming along on my little trip down memory lane as we celebrate our 6th Anniversary!!

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