Ashley's Favorite Things of 2019

Hey y'all! Ok, obviously I'm NOT an instagram influencer but there are a few things I've purchased throughout the year that have caught your eyes in my stories and you've asked about. So, I wanted to round up some of my favorite buys from 2019!


1. HydroFlask - I know there are a million water bottles of the market (because I've bought most of them...) but THIS ONE is seriously my favorite. I bought it around this time last year and use it daily for water in my office as well as take it with me when we travel. Pro tip, get "the boot" to go on it for another pop of color.

2. Sunglasses - Under $15? Sign me up! These are the best dupes for the "Erika" Ray-Bans. They're my go-to for the beach and you don't feel guilty if a wave takes them from you (yep, speaking from experience).

3. Brooks Bedlam Shoes - I'm obsessed with these shoes and I get SO many questions and compliments on them. I've got my eye on these white and gold ones too!

4. Jabra Headphones - I know, I know... everyone loves air pods (except me) but hear me out! These headphones are AMAZING and a lot of the features of the new air pods are already on these headphones. I use them while traveling and just listening to Podcasts while I'm in my office packing boxes! They are noise cancelling which is great for planes and they have "hear through" technology so with just a double tap of the right ear, I can suddenly hear what's going on around me. Seriously, the best. Did I mention they are on sale for $99.99 instead of $169.99 right now?!

Someone gifted me this case to go with them and it makes it easy to clip them on my keys or in my book bag for travel!

5. Quip Toothbrush - I got this for Christmas last year and love it! I wasn't a fan of electric toothbrushes in the past but I love the size and ease of this one. Plus, it's on subscription so a new brush head shows up in the mail when it's time to change it!

6. Blue Light Glasses - I've been wearing blue light glasses for nearly two years and I will never look back! They have helped my eyes and my headaches SO much and now when I look at a computer without them, it is so bright and harsh! With the majority of my day spent looking at a computer monitor, I wanted to make sure I was taking care of my eyes. I also found that once I started wearing them regularly, the migraines I was getting pretty much disappeared! I also have this pair of Felix Gray glasses. I keep one pair at my desk and one pair on my nightstand for watching tv late at night.

7. AWAY Luggage - I swear by my AWAY suitcase. I have "the medium" in navy and find that it has so much room in it. This is the suitcase I used for our 18 day trip to Australia and it held all of my stuff just fine! I have my eye on THIS carry on bag! I have a referral code for $20 OFF your first purchase with AWAY. Just use this link: 

8. Cord Organizer - Another $15 item!! I think I've received more DMs about this little Amazon purchase than anything else this year! I can't stand how unorganized an Apple charger looks all mixed up in my bag. This thing is like a pop socket for your charger! You just stick it onto the side of the charger. Then you can pop it out to wind the cord around it and push it in when the cord is extended.


If you're looking for more gift ideas, I've included a few of the items I've got my eye on this year for friends, family... and maybe myself! :)

Tucker would also like to add his favorite toy that's just $5 on Amazon!! I'm sure you've seen Mr. Hedgehog on my Instagram! We have quite a few around here!


That's a wrap on my favorites for this year! What are some items on YOUR list? Anything I should add to mine? Let me know in the comments below!


Please note this post does include some affiliate links in which case I would earn a small commission from your sale. All of these items have been purchased by me or given as a gift from a friend or family and were not given to me by the companies that make them.

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